COVID-19 Response

The Dorrance Scholarship requires the submission of test scores. However, two adjustments have been made to the 2021 Dorrance Scholarship application process.

1. DSP will accept the Classical Learning Test (CLT) score in addition to ACT or SAT scores. To mitigate the impact of COVID on in-person testing, students can take the CLT exam in their own homes on their own devices. There are two CLT remote testing dates provided below. The exam is proctored via camera, microphone, and keystroke analysis.  All video is reviewed by the CLT to certify (or disqualify) exam results. Need-based fee waivers are available for all three tests.

As of September 1, in person test dates for the ACT and SAT are available to seniors who plan to take or retake these tests. Click on ACT and SAT to learn about how these organizations are responding to the pandemic.

Students can register for the exams at the links below:
ACT: Register Here
SAT: Register Here
CLT*: Register Here
*There are currently two remote CLT testing dates available on September 26th and December 5th, 2020 (a third remote testing date will be announced soon).

2. DSP will accept the Pre-SAT (PSAT) junior year scores instead of ACT, SAT, or CLT scores.  If students took the PSAT as a junior, we recommend that they take one of the three tests above if possible, to reflect their learning since junior year.

DSP Test Score requirement:
ACT= 22 (Composite)
SAT= 1110 (Combined)
CLT= 72, or
PSAT= 1050 (Combined)

Recommendation Form and Other Guidelines

Students who do not meet the minimum GPA or test score requirements will not be considered and, therefore, should not apply.

If you are asked to complete a recommendation form for a Dorrance Scholarship applicant, be aware that you will complete your form online. Please provide the student with your official school email address so that they can enter this into their application. An electronic invitation will be sent to you with instructions about filling out and submitting your form from SmarterSelect.

Online application opens September 1, 2020.

Students must complete their application by 4:59pm* on February 10, 2021.

If students are selected as Semi-Finalists, recommendation forms must be submitted electronically by 4:59pm* on March 10, 2021.

*Deadlines are based on Arizona Standard Time.

Please contact the Dorrance Scholarship Programs if:

  • You would like advice about preparing a student for the application and interview process
  • You are working with a student who has questions about our eligibility criteria


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